20 April 2011

Crazy monkey cake

fresh, hard coconut
bran flakes
milk or soya based  mild cream cheese/cream
peanut caramel cacao oreo cookies or any naughty chocolate cookie of your choice

Bananas to be peeled and chopped. Coconut to be grated. Cookies to be smashed. One or two spoonfulls of cream cheese or cream, müesli and bran flakes style cereal should be added and squashed with both hands so that after cleaning up the bowl with your fingers you can lick each ten fingers one by one. This unfrozen mud is  deliriously delicious. Then we wrap it in stretch film and toss it in the fridge. When you offer it to the kids they don't even ask "what is this?" they just look strangely at the brown unidentified pieces. "This" you tell them very seriously, "is crazy monkey cake!". A sudden smile lights up their faces. But you must have one rule: "No monkey dance, no dessert!" So the crazy monkey cake is eaten and celebrated with monkey dances, ah, another lovely day in the world is just as it takes!"

17 April 2011

Baby lizard

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you find a tiny, white, broken egg by the couch, about a centimeter in diameter. Hmmm, the baby lizard must be somewhere here... Oh there he is, on the wall, right next to the handle of the broom. Click picture to view closer, he's just too tiny and too cute :)

New country, new adventure, new projects...

Finally I've arrived in Indonesia, Bali two weeks ago. Therefore all the thrill and horror and joy of creating a work space in a new country kicked in once again. It wasn't easy for sure but it happened at last :) On the other hand I began to take care of some of the translations of H&M's online fashion periodical H&M Life. And again via WW I had the chance to work with Sony (LittleBigPlanet) and Blackberry. During the video projects of LittleBigPlanet I got familiar with subtitle softwares and learned new things. With Blackberry I moved into a rather creative and ad-oriented field of transcreation. I will pour in all the details at some point but in short I set up my new Nomad Office and I'll be working from here until the second week of May. And May means Istanbul where my loved ones, my little home and spring wait for me :)

06 April 2011

Coffee One

I made a little bloggie for Coffee One, One's awesome internet cafe which saved my life until I found a house in Phangan to set up my Nomad Office, and later when my computer broke down, and again every other day just for this and that. One did not let me put a picture of her in the blog because she's too shy but you can see many pictures of her cat Dam. 

30 March 2011

1890 Vampire Hunting Kit

Assemblage art vampire hunting kit. Even includes a letter to the victim's mother, picture of the victim and holy water... More..

19 February 2011


Karen: I remember him. There was something...
Denys: Masai. He was half Masai.That's what you remember about him. They're like nobody else. We think we'll tame them.. but we won't. If you put them in prison, they die.
Karen: Why?
Denys: Because they live now. They don't think about the future. They can't grasp the idea that they'll be let out one day. They think it's permanent. So they die.”

Out of Africa (1985) Dir: Sydney Pollack

18 February 2011

Magha Puja - silent moon...

Today is Magha Puja, a holiday celebrated in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia on the full moon of the third lunar month every year. According to belief, nine months after he was enlightened more than 2500 years ago, 1,250 followers of Buddha spontaneously gathered in Rajagaha where he lived, without any schedule. Buddha explained the principles of Buddhism to these enlightened people, the Arhantas, under the moonlight in a bamboo grove and ordained them himself. Major Ovadhapatimokha principles simply include avoiding evil deeds, doing good and purifying the mind. Years later Buddha also announced his coming death three months before, again in the fullmoon of Magha.

Normally Koh Phangan is home to a "Fullmoon" party of 20,000-30,000 people every fullmoon, but it's Magha Puja today, therefore the party will not take place today, but tomorrow. So it's a quite rare, silent and exquisite fullmoon tonight.

17 February 2011

the village headman: gecko

gecko voice captured by my friend dengiz after waiting for the right moment for many a days and a fat fingered gecko from ban sabaii.  

15 February 2011

Erkin Gören's delicious new album: Kestim öldün

download free: right here

drums: oğuz erdin, bass: canberk ünsal, back vocal: gümüş özdeş (ne yazık ki, evim var, yürü), rhythm guitar: taner yücel (ne yazık ki, evim var), recording & mix: umut çetin, baran göksu - released 15 February 2011

Custom perfume

Custom perfumes made with the scent of old book bindings, straw apple baskets, seaweed and untouched snow...

Translation of the H&M Magazine summer issue has started!

Translation of the H&M Magazine summer issue has already started! A fun and adrenaline pumping translation marathon lies ahead for me, as usual. Our subject is: sea, sand, sun and fashion...

11 February 2011

I made new friends..

My first diving experience :)

Photographs: Karen Ryan
Manipulations: Sona Ertekin

23 January 2011

20 January 2011

Tibetan peach pie

"It's like the gourmet the Chink told me about who gave up everything, traveled thousands of miles and spent his last dime to get to the highest lamasery in the Himalayas to taste the dish he'd longed for his whole life, Tibetan peach pie. When he got there, frostbitten, exhausted and ruined, the lamas said they were all out of peach. "Okay," said the gourmet, make it apple." 

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Tom Robbins

19 January 2011


"Politics is for people who have a passion for changing life but lack a passion for living it."

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, Tom Robbins

Hammock Diaries

Clouds over Surat Thani

At the pier

Like the cat plays with the gecko

Bungalow Number 9

One reason to be here

And another one

Temporary nomad office

08 January 2011

Lost luggage and letters

         Dearest auntie, the sweetest! How are you? I hope you're doing fine. I'm home in Istanbul right now. My mum took the bus last night and returned to Marmaris, yet some other passanger took her luggage and got off in Izmir :) But they're going to send it to her today. My mum could also have taken that other luggage without noticing, but actually the suitcases didn't look similar at all. If they did, both the other guy and my mum would open the cases in their separate homes just to find some other person's life in it. I've been thinking what it is that brings two people together. There must be a reason; and i wonder if no connection is ever complete unless these reasons are fulfilled.

          Maybe this letter too will get mixed up on the way from Istanbul to Ankara and you'll be holding someoneelse's letter in your hands. And this letter will be in the hands of a tiger tamer, the tamer being in the stomach of the tiger. Do know that this letter was actually written to you by a dreamy tiger; and this tiger loves you a lot.

Happy birthday auntie,
Much love,
Sona Ertekin ©

16 December 2010

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